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Music Preparation, also often referred to as "Engraving," "Typesetting," or "Copying" are traditional terms for the craft of printing music. Today, that typically means copying, transcribing, and formatting music using digital notation software, which is what I do. My services include transcribing handwritten scores, creating instrumental parts, transcribing recorded music, and editing notation for performance and publication.

I engrave music in many genres and styles, including orchestral and large ensemble scores and parts, chamber instrumental, choral, solo vocal, jazz charts, contemporary and non-traditional music notation methods, organ and piano solo, and more. As a composer and performer, it is vital to me that scores are musically sound, maximally legible, and have a graphic beauty that aids the performer's expression.

Below are several examples of my work. I am currently taking on new projects. Please email me to discuss your project and get price quotes.

Click the images to open pdf files in your browser.

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