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El Cucuy

Solo Guitar

2010 / 2015


Performed by Angelo Favis

October 28, 2016 

Manila, Philippines

October 21, 2016

Jakarta, Indonesia

September 24, 2016

Louisiana Tech University

Premiere performance by Daniel Shearouse

October 2010

Accidental Music Festival, Orlando, FL

Duérmete mi niño, duérmete ya...

Que viene el Coco y te comerá.

~JuanCaxés- 17thcentury

El Cucuy (el Coco) is a Spanish and Latin American legend much like the “boogeyman,” conjured by parents to scare children into behaving. According to the myth, when el Cucuy spies a disobedient child, he comes in the night to kidnap and eat him or her.

As adults, we easily forget how terrifying the world can be to a child. In this piece, themes representing the grotesque and monstrous confront themes representing the tender innocence of a sleepy child. Perhaps el Cucuy is not so bad after all. Or perhaps...

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