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Ñamandu in concert again

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Katherine Weintraub will perform Ñamandu (for alto saxophone and interactive electronics) at the North American Saxophone Alliance Region 6 Conference on March 24th (1:30 pm) at the University of Mississippi. The NASA Regional Conference is a wonderful gathering of saxophonists from the Southeast United States, and I'm excited that my piece will be heard by new audiences! I think this is a great piece for those new to the electroacoustic genre because of its flexibility and ease of performance, and its strong thematic imagery. The saxophone's themes and electronic soundscapes blend as a means of conveying the Mbyá creation myth and the hummingbird's role in it.

This piece was so fun to write (and perform) that I'm already starting to think about another sax + electronics pairing after my next few composition projects. This will be the sixth performance of Ñamandu since it was first performed 9 months ago.

Meanwhile, I'll be going to the NASA Region 2 conference at the University of Arizona this week. I don't have any music on the program this time but I'm looking forward to hearing some incredible music and making new friends.

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